This Semester Course

Wonder who is behind these projects and how we managed to collaborate remotely? Find out more.

About This Course

16 weeks, more than 60 hours of Zoom calls and not a single face-to-face meeting – this summer semester was a special one. We were lucky enough to have set up the course fully remote and digital from the very start, only this way we were able to hit the ground running first week of April. The course’s backbone was a tech stack including Slack for communication, Notion for knowledge-sharing and Figma for design collaboration. Nevertheless, this course involved a steep learning curve for everyone included. My thanks goes out to the students who participated and came along for the ride. I’m incredibly proud of all the projects that came out of it.

– Christian Ernst

PS: For everybody reading this far, we set up a Wordpress blog documenting how the projects evolved over time. Take a look if you are interested!

About This Website

Text, Design & Code: Christian Ernst
Illustration: Clara Philippzig

This page grants a view into our remote semester course. Have a look at our projects page and find out how exactly dark patterns work.